Part 2 of 3 on what do we produce at REACH Inc.?

Part 2 on “What do we produce at REACH Inc.?” In our first part of “What do we produce at REACH, Inc.?” We went over the various pallets made in our main facility from Maywood Drive. In this section or part 2, we are going to discuss our Recycle Department. First thing is what type of material do we recycle, where can the community drop off their recycle and how much, how many baling machines does REACH, Inc. have? and Who we partner with in the local community?   Our recycling division was much bigger in size, until the fire last year on July 7th, 2015. The fire wiped out all of our recycle material, an outbuilding, as well as our then big Baler. We […]

Article and update of REACH Inc. from the Herald and News.

Check out the new article on REACH Inc. in the Herald and News If you live in Klamath Falls, Oregon and have been wondering how REACH Inc. has been up to since the fire on July 7th, 2015. Well the Herald and News has written an article updating the status of REACH Inc.   Take a gander and read all the details of the newest feature on REACH Inc. and come back for the main points of the article.     Some points of interest from the article. Welcome back, a great article written by Holly Dillemuth and pictures by Kevin N Hume. Here are important points from the article. Recycling services are back in a limited capacity (no curbside residential due to the amount […]

REACH Inc enters new endeavor

REACH Inc enters new endeavor REACH Inc enters a new endeavor, The dismantling of an old barn and using the material for re-purpose.  “We have started taking down old buildings.” Says Rick Hubble plant Manager for REACH Inc, “Last month we took down our first and it was a great project for us.” Tearing down the old barn that was possibly built in the 1920s, Rick and his crew were excited for the possible future endeavors the re-purposed wood would bring in. “The building was a small structure that we think was built in the 1920’s. After we got the thing down and dismantled we cleaned the place up for the owners.” Rick Hubble said earnestly, “It was win-win for both of us, we got […]