Pallet Buffet? Yes Please!

REACH Inc. has acquired and installed a brand new Pallet Grinder for our wood mill facility. This new pallet grinder is able to “eat” thoroughly and completely grind whole or partial pallets. This will then turn them into wood chips in a single pass. while utilizing several powerful magnets to pull nails and other metallic objects from the material. Employing the pallet grinder into our workflow, REACH can decrease the amount of time it takes to dismantle old broken pallets and other wood with nails.     Previously REACH would manually tear apart pallets and pull nails from the lumber, often needing to cut around hard to remove nails. Which then have to be disposed of. The previous hog was not equipped to handle nails. […]

REACH’s Application for Employment gets a face lift

We at REACH Inc. have updated our application for employment and have made it available online for download. Anyone wanting to apply for a job at REACH Inc. can now download our fillable pdf application for employment onto a computer and electronically fill it out, Or print and fill by hand. (Don’t forget to sign and date your job application before submitting.) In what ways can I submit my job App? There are three methods you can submit your job app to REACH Inc. 1. you can drop it off at our main site located at 2350 Maywood Dr. Klamath Falls, OR. 2. scan your job app as a pdf and email with signature/date to Business @ (without the spaces) 3. Fax your job […]

What do we produce at REACH Inc?

  “What do you produce at REACH Inc?”    A question often asked when talking to the public.  When asked this we will usually give a quick synapse, usually by giving just enough detail.   This of course can be a bit of a challenge when trying to recite every item off of our production line. This is part 1 of 3 on what REACH Inc produces.  We will cover pallets, recycle, and unit runners.   Pallets: Our biggest production at REACH Inc is pallets, several of which are our standard inventory production. Our pallets are built using standard U.S. door sizes for the loading and hauling of doors.    Example: 2 – 0 door size is equal to 2’ – 0” or written out in […]