A new computer built by trusted hands

We at REACH Inc love to have our Clients show off there Skills, whether it be Running in the Olympic Trials, Bowling in a Championship game or showing there love of computers by selecting computer parts and building a rig they are proud of.

We of course will be talking about the latter, one of our resident computer experts Ben Korson. Ben has been building and toying with computers since he was 14 years old or freshman year of high school. He is self taught with over seven computer rigs built in a ten year period. Two of those ten years, he ran his own computer building business. He now has worked for REACH Inc. for three and a half years, and has to date built one computer for REACH Inc.



“I am very passionate about building computers because it makes me feel alive, watching a computer I just finished building boot up for the first time makes me feel confident in my ability”





Rick Hubble REACH Inc. plant manger had heard about Ben building computers. Rick went to Ben asking for him to build a computer that is better then the old one sitting on his desk. Something that was able to handle his daily work business. So Ben spent time studying up on new parts and putting together a good setup for Rick. He picked all the parts and components himself. The parts were ordered and delivered for Ben to show us all how much he enjoys putting computers together.

When Rick gave me the go ahead to build a computer for him I was EXCITED”



 “When I saw Half Life 2 on my uncle Marks computers I was inspired to start building computers based of the rig he built”





Job well done Ben







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