Part 2 of 3 on what do we produce at REACH Inc.?

Part 2 on “What do we produce at REACH Inc.?”

In our first part of “What do we produce at REACH, Inc.?” We went over the various pallets made in our main facility from Maywood Drive. In this section or part 2, we are going to discuss our Recycle Department. First thing is what type of material do we recycle, where can the community drop off their recycle and how much, how many baling machines does REACH, Inc. have? and Who we partner with in the local community?

paper bales


Our recycling division was much bigger in size, until the fire last year on July 7th, 2015. The fire wiped out all of our recycle material, an outbuilding, as well as our then big Baler. We have since then bought a new baling machine, whi  ch is up and running as of Aug 24th, 2016. We also have a smaller baling machine which we will decommission in the coming months. The material we are bailing as of the writing of this post is white paper, newspaper, and clean cardboard. With the size of bales ranging from 1500 lbs. to 2000 lbs. Each bale will eventually be shipped off to a bigger recycling facility and then processed into reused materials.

The new Baler “Jenny”


We now have two buildings in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Our main facility off Maywood Drive, and our shred site at 2218 Shallock Ave. We will take all three types of materials listed above from the Klamath Falls community. We, however, charge for secure shred starting at $5.00 up to 20 lbs. and anything over 20 lbs. is then $0.25/lb. Both locations will aid with secured shred and document destruction.


Shredded paper material area


REACH, Inc. works with local businesses and nonprofits in the Klamath Falls Community. By collecting recyclable materials, as well as bales from local businesses REACH is tackling the most difficult aspects of recycling which is baling and the shipment to recycling manufacturing facilities. We have standing partnerships with other recycling businesses local and statewide.


Cardboard material area

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