REACH Inc and QR Codes

REACH Inc and QR Codes

If you have received a business card from one of Reach’s employee’s you may have noticed a weird square bar code like box off the bottom left side of it. You probably wondered what exactly it was and what is its purpose and why is REACH Using them? That is a QR Code or Quick Response code, they are hypertext link that is used in print. We at REACH Inc use them for our business cards to make the card recipients life easier by adding each individual business card data (name, job title, work phone, work email and other data) automatically to a cell phones contacts.

(Outlined in RED in our CEO’s Business card)




This saves time of having to add each and every fact about a REACH Employee’s data. you are probably wondering now “That is pretty awesome! but how would i go about scanning this QR Code?”  Well first off you would need a smart phone apple, android, windows, or blackberry. Then you would need to download a scanner if your phone did not come pre-loaded with one.  Such as this one for Android or this one for IPhone.

All you do next is scan the QR Code and then QR code sends a pop-up with basic data for the employee’s card. It will ask you if you would like to download the file and save it into your documents where the rest of the data encoded into the QR Code is located (fax, business location, ETC…)

There are many different uses for QR Codes but right now REACH Inc. mainly uses them for contact data and direct link to our website. We also have them located on our admin staff page for easy direct contact to each head.  Remember to keep an eye out for more future QR Codes from REACH Inc that will be leading to other useful or surprising content.




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