REACH Fire Watch

REACH Fire Watch

When is a traumatic event a disaster and what turns a disaster into a crisis ?

After the fire at REACH Inc. on Tuesday July 7th 2015 I’m convinced those questions are quickly answered by the quality of the people that are involved in every step of the process. From the people that were in the facility at the time of the fire, on the fire response team, called on to provide resources, part of the building evaluation team, state and county fire investigation group, contractors that helped get us up and running again, insurance people from different agencies, different restaurants that provided food for all those people, and most of all the staff and management at REACH Inc. with out an exception Klamath people did not disappoint. The caring and professionalism of each and every person involved has insured that our traumatic event will not turn into a disaster or a crisis.

Within 36 hours of the fire REACH was up and running on a limited basis, enough to fulfill our obligations to our partner companies that rely on us to provide the thousands of pallets that they need to ship their goods. The amount of work that got done in such a short amount of time after the fire is the key reason that REACH began the business day on Monday, July 13 with its entire staff and about 30% of their participants back on duty with the remainder of the participants being phased back in over the next week or two. The phase in will be contingent on us finding opportunities for our people that were dedicated to recycling! We will probably not be able to handle any large scale recycling for a while. We will however put all those participants who are able, to work cleaning and beautifying the facility.

In our day services area we will not be able to bring any participants back until our parking lot is empty of debris and we have full access for our larger transportation providers. We will take this opportunity to clean and retool our day services area, a project that has already been initiated and will now be accelerated due to the smoke.

Thank you for your patience and for those of you who have helped or are going to help thank you again. For those of you who have been asking we are going to have a volunteer day for clean up and hauling off old stuff, I am targeting August 1st and 2nd I will keep you posted.

Ron Moe


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