Video of the week!


We at REACH Inc like to know that our employees can have fun/enjoy their job while they are working, on their breaks, or down time. After all work and play makes for a dull day. What better way of making a less than fun assignment go by faster, than sprinkling in a bit of fun in the mix. As long as everyone is safe and it does not cut into our production of orders for our customers.

We present to our readers REACH Inc. very first video of the week. The Video of the week for June  6th – 10th 2016 is none other than this video of Seth enjoying the breeze blowing into one of many bay doors used at REACH Inc. Seth loves to have fun and make people laugh, This was him working on getting laughs out of the camera man.



“My Heart will go on” by Celine Dion “Copyright belongs to the respected owners and The video is for the purpose of fun”

We are after all still a business providing a service and most importantly worried about every employee’s safety. We at REACH Inc have decided to make a photo or video of the week section for our website that will be dedicated to those fun candid moments that our day to day employees that are captured for all of Klamath Basin or the world to see (respectfully all photos and videos were taken during Breaks and lunch times)

Look for new Photos or Videos in the coming weeks with more fun from everyone at REACH Inc.


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