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We have made a number of new and (hopefully) improved website updates to the website. Our goal is to make the site more presentable to the public by cutting unnecessary pages and content. We do this by giving the site a more minimalist approach to web design (because less is more Right! Right!)

here is a list of all of the website updates as of 6/20/2016.

  • Added more ways to share to your favorite social network.
  • Reorganized and optimized our gallery.
  • Added a much improved contact forms to our contact and donation pages.
  • Added REACH branding mixed into our post and pages.
  • Added the ability to login and make a profile (soon with the ability to log in with a social network).
  • Increasing page speeds.
  • Added a light-box email collector for REACH’s Newsletter.


Why did we make all of these changes?

We made these website updates for a number of reasons:

  1. The minimalist design will be easier to focus on our important information without all of visual aspects fighting for your eyes attention. 100% focused on the content rather than the loud flow of the old design distracting our users. The minimalist look also gives our site a cleaner updated look.
  1. We have updated your favorite social networks share buttons and have placed them on the left side of the web pages. Instead of below each post, they will follow the scroll of the page. Our readers to share and to share the right pages and pictures.
  1. Our old gallery pages were in dire need of an update, with a new and improved light box. The whole gallery has been reworked with a cleaner look and faster load times.
  1. The contact forms for our “contact us” page and “donate” page have been completely reworked with accessibility in mind and preventive measures that stops spam-bots (Captcha) If you have questions about REACH Inc feel free to use them and let us know how well it works out.
  1. We have added REACH branding mixed into our pages. Simply put we added more of our logo and colors into titles of pages. This spruces up pages and some post with some pop that will stand out to the rest of the surrounding writing.
  1. our new email collector is a light box pop up, this will appear to every new person who visits. If you enter your email once, you will not be bothered by it again; but if you decide not to fill it out, the collector will ask you again in the near future. Each email will be sent the REACH Inc newsletter or important updates regarding REACH Inc.
  1. We have improved and continue to improve the page speeds of the site and its pages.  our site will load faster on desktops, tablets, and mobile platforms. This ensures everyone who visits can have a more enjoyable experience with less load times.


As we continue to get back into the flow of adding more content to our blog. We will continue to make more website updates to and keep improving our site.

Out of everything listed in the site update which one do you like the best? Vote in our poll and leave us a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.

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