Oregon Safety Break and REACH

Once a year The Oregon OSHA coordinates a one-day event called Oregon Safety Break on May the 11th. The purpose is to raise awareness and promote the value of workplace safety. Oregon employers use the event to raise its employees’ knowledge of workplace safety using activities and group discussions. After all, both the employer and the employees want everyone to go home the same way they came to work. When presented with a safe environment to work in workers would be less likely to be injured.   What spurred the Oregon OSHA to create the Oregon Safety Break event?   Back in 2001 the death rate for employees had hit a record low of 34 deaths. The lowest in a decade due to a steady […]

website updates

We have made a number of new and (hopefully) improved website updates to the Reachkfalls.com website. Our goal is to make the site more presentable to the public by cutting unnecessary pages and content. We do this by giving the site a more minimalist approach to web design (because less is more Right! Right!) here is a list of all of the website updates as of 6/20/2016. Added more ways to share to your favorite social network. Reorganized and optimized our gallery. Added a much improved contact forms to our contact and donation pages. Added REACH branding mixed into our post and pages. Added the ability to login and make a profile (soon with the ability to log in with a social network). Increasing page […]

REACH Fire Watch

REACH Fire Watch When is a traumatic event a disaster and what turns a disaster into a crisis ? After the fire at REACH Inc. on Tuesday July 7th 2015 I’m convinced those questions are quickly answered by the quality of the people that are involved in every step of the process. From the people that were in the facility at the time of the fire, on the fire response team, called on to provide resources, part of the building evaluation team, state and county fire investigation group, contractors that helped get us up and running again, insurance people from different agencies, different restaurants that provided food for all those people, and most of all the staff and management at REACH Inc. with out an […]

Reach Inc gets a new Ride!

REACH Inc has a new Ride !!! from a program administered by the Oregon Department of Transportation through Basin Transit Service called Special Transportation Fund. Reach Inc has used this program to purchase a 2011 Ford E350 twelve passenger van. The van will be used for activities and outings for REACH Inc program participants. [AFG_gallery id=’5′] With the new to us van we have already been able to expand our services that we provide out in the community.   Thank you Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Basin Transit Service (BTS)