Oregon Safety Break and REACH

Once a year The Oregon OSHA coordinates a one-day event called Oregon Safety Break on May the 11th. The purpose is to raise awareness and promote the value of workplace safety. Oregon employers use the event to raise its employees’ knowledge of workplace safety using activities and group discussions. After all, both the employer and the employees want everyone to go home the same way they came to work. When presented with a safe environment to work in workers would be less likely to be injured.   What spurred the Oregon OSHA to create the Oregon Safety Break event?   Back in 2001 the death rate for employees had hit a record low of 34 deaths. The lowest in a decade due to a steady […]

Safety is number 1 at REACH

    Being safe is a concern at all manufacturing facilities, even more so for us. Safety is number 1 at REACH, no exceptions. With our unique mission of employing people with disabilities and maintaining a high level of safety is a challenge unto itself. This would be enough to keep anyone awake at night worrying about the well being of our employees.  Although our record has not always been the best but in recent years, It has massively changed for the better. This is due to the diligence and leadership of Safety Manager: Gary Kester fostering our culture of being safe. Everyone has caught on, and produced the results of a highly safe workplace. According to Gary “Safety is a team effort, everyone from […]