What do we produce at REACH Inc?


“What do you produce at REACH Inc?” 


A question often asked when talking to the public.  When asked this we will usually give a quick synapse, usually by giving just enough detail.   This of course can be a bit of a challenge when trying to recite every item off of our production line. This is part 1 of 3 on what REACH Inc produces.  We will cover pallets, recycle, and unit runners.



Our biggest production at REACH Inc is pallets, several of which are our standard inventory production. Our pallets are built using standard U.S. door sizes for the loading and hauling of doors.    Example: 2 – 0 door size is equal to 2’ – 0” or written out in feet and inches it would equal to 2 Ft – 0 inches.  Our most common sizes we build are; 1-8, 2-0, 2-4, 2-6, 2-8, 2-10, and 3-0.


freshly trimmed shim on the unit saw.


We will be using the terms stringer (a 2″ x 4″ x L”) and shim (1″ x 5/8″ x L” or 1″ x 3/4″ x L”) in reference to the pallets.


We produce two versions of door pallets, “Door-craft” and a “Fiber” pallet.


The door craft pallet is different from the fiber pallet in a few distinct ways: First is there is 3 ½” overhang of the shim on either side of the 2 x 4 stringer, there are a total of 5 stringers (2 x 4’s), with a 13-inch-long piece of shim referred to as feet, On the back side of the pallet. And 5 pieces of 80-inch shim altogether 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom.


In progress Door-craft pallets


Whereas the type of fiber pallet is made up of 7 stringers and 8 shim. The shim is cut at 80 inches and  5 are placed on top and 3 on the bottom, all flush with the edge of the stringers. For the second style of fiber pallet everything is built the same except for the amount of shim. We place 5 shim on top and 5 on the bottom.


In progress fiber pallets



We also produce smaller pallets, “Pre-Hung” and 40” x 48” pallets.


Our Pre-hung pallets differ from pre-hung or fiber pallets. They are different because of two things their size of the pallet and the length of their stringers. The stringers are cut to 26,30,32,34,36,38,40 and 42.  pre-hung pallets are used for loading and shipping of pocket door frames.


Pre-hung pallets one finished unit and one in progress unit


The next small pallet is a 40” x 48” pallet. These pallets are built using 3 stringers cut at 48” length and notched for side pickup by forklifts or pallet jacks built with a total of 12 shim pieces 7 on top and 5 on the bottom all cut to 40” length. These pallets are used mainly for agricultural means.


We also produce special sized pallets!


We build some more specialized sized pallets that are used for many different reasons. These pallets are built with a mix of the previously mentioned pallets. Our most notable ones are 29” X 50” and the largest length pallets we build are 108” X 32” and 98” X 32”


The first ones at 29” X 50” are built using 3 stringers cut down to 50” length and then notched to make the pallet accessible from the ends as well as the sides. Then we would put 7 total shim pieces sized to 29”, with 5 on top and 2 on the bottom.


The 98” and 108” pallets are both built similar with the exception of the amount of shim pieces used per size. We use 3 stringers cut to 98”/108” as well as notched. Then with a total of 24/27 pieces of shim that are evenly spaced out. We will also put in cross pieces for the forklift blades to be supported on.  This will prevent the pallet from being destroyed during transportation or loading.


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