Capacity Building

Klamath County has over 500 residents that have intellectual and developmental disabilities and other barriers to employment. These individuals rely upon REACH Inc. and its Job Coaches to provide employment training, job development, and job placement services to help them find lasting and meaningful employment. Our programs are serving just over 140 participants and are stretching the capacity of our current staff and resources.

Our trained Job Coaches provide goal-oriented training to groups of 6-8 participants at local businesses that develop skills and practices local employers are desperately searching for. Our Job Coaches require special training certifications in 12 key areas and must meet rigid background requirements. There are very few qualified individuals in our local workforce, and because of that, we have developed a very extensive in-house training program for our new hires.

We would like to be able to serve 175 people by the end of 2019 and would like to add 5 new Job Coaches.

Initial Training of One Support Professional

Overhead of One Support Professional