Employment Services

Employment Services

We have partnered up with Klamath County Developmental Disability Services and  Connections Case Mgmt to provide job placement and training programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We continue to strive to provide the knowledge and abilities for our participants to be able to gain fulfilling work, and the skills needed to maintain a job in the community.

Our Direct Support Professionals and Job Coaches work with participants to train them for individual business specifications until each participant is well versed in their job and both the local company and participants feel confident in the skill levels that are provided. Our aim in this process is to contribute to assisting our participants in living a more enriching and fulfilling life. We use the term “participants” because the referrals we get from our partners are choosing to participate in our programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am disabled and would like to know how to work at REACH?

There is a checklist of items that would need to be completed if you are wanting to work through us through this program. Please call our main line at (541) 882-8803 and ask for Jessie, our Director of Services, for more information.

If you are looking for a job outside a program you can apply online or please feel free to come down and apply in person.

What makes REACH different than other employment programs for DD/ID Services?

There are a few things that separate us from our competitors:

  1. We are a local grassroots company that started from nothing but a dream hard work back, and people with big hearts back in the 1960’s.
  2. We pay our participants in our employment services minimum wage.
  3. We offer a variety of work related tasks for our participants that are working throughout our community.
  4. Our mission is our number one priority, as a non profit we are not working for profits but to enrich the lives of our participants.

I have a felony, can I work/volunteer with participants at REACH Inc.?

Under Federal Law we are required to do background checks for anyone who wishes to work with participants. If the background comes back and you do not meet the requirements we can not hire you. We use this as a basis for volunteer applications as well.

Individual Employment


Individual Employment Services are much like our group employment services. The only difference is that individual employment is geared towards a single participant at a single location. Work experience is more geared towards that specific job and the skills needed to keep employment at that location.

There is a chance the employer will want to hire the participant after they have gained specific knowledge and skills for their job. However, this is not guaranteed.