Landscaping & Yard Services

Landscaping & Yard Services

REACH started its Landscaping Crew in the summer of 2018 with the idea of providing an opportunity for our participants to work outdoors while learning specific transferable skills that would prepare them for regular employment in our local job market.

Our job coach and eight paid participants work throughout the community providing basic clean up services for our city parks, the fairgrounds Event Center, a Veterans Recovery Home and a few individual lawn care jobs. We provide these services using basic hand tools, a used mower, a transport van and a borrows trailer.

This is our most popular employment service. In addition to its popularity, this service provides personal interaction with customers, both commercial and private.

We would like to expand, adding a second crew and 2 new job coaches and additional reliable

Purchase More Transportation ————- $25,000
Purchase Landscaping Trailer ————– $ 5,000
Purchase Riding Mower ——————— $ 3,000
Purchase Hand Equipment —————– $ 1,500
Or Invest On Single Items As Well
Total $34,500