REACH Started an Etsy Store

We at REACH have started an Etsy Store to sell some of our hand-crafted upcycle items. With plans to offer specifically built items in bulk for the store.

Wooden American Flag

Our first item for the REACH Etsy store is our “This Old Flag” a wooden American Flag sized at 37″ x 2″ x 20″ and comes in a Gloss or Satin finish. REACH has many goals in selling our upcycle items.

  • Provide meaningful work to adults with disabilities or other barriers to employment.
  • 100% utilization of our wood products and runoff
  • Build high-quality handcrafted furniture and decor for any room or space
  • provide these products for others around Klamath Falls and outside our community
Wooden Texas Flag (not yet available)

Every Sale goes towards the REACH Mission.