Recycle Support Program

Recycle Support Program

Sustainability is at the core of all of our programs. Our recycling efforts began in response to our commercial trading partners’ request for a place to go with their recyclable items. Current market conditions have drastically changed so in response we have recently opened a sorting line designed to enhance the usability and value of the items we receive, it will also help us to enter the residential recycle game so that the residents we serve can be confident that their items are actually getting recycled.

Example of bins we are looking to get

We currently have a recycle pickup group that regularly visits local business, giving the smaller retailers a no charge way to participate in recycling. This service is much appreciated and well used. To enhance this program we would like to place recycle receptacles in areas where recycle pickups are not provided by our local disposal company. These bins are expensive so we could use some help with them.

Cost Of Roll O Recycle Bins ——- $12,500 Ea