Starting 2012 REACH recognized the need for a secure shredding services, and was able purchase equipment to provide those services for the Klamath Basin.  Since then we have built up our system to be able to include in the recycling of cardboard, white paper, plastics, household metals, redeemable cans and bottles.

In 2019, with the help of Klamath County Waste Management, and the Klamath community, REACH was able to purchase a recycle sort line.  Utilizing the sort line we can separate the materials into their respected groups and bale them for sale to wholesalers and other processing facilities.

As we expand we are looking for more efficient ways to process recycling while providing more work opportunities to the community. We are proud to be able to contribute to the recycling efforts of the City of Klamath Falls, as well as Klamath County, and hope to soon get back to where we were with our efforts pre-Covid.

Contact Info

If you would like to schedule a pickup time for recyclables, please contact Jessie Oates at (541) 887-8660.


Walk-Ins welcomed

Mon – Thursday ( 8:00 A.M -11:45 A.M and 1:00 P.m to 4:15 P.M )

Friday (  8:00 A.M -11:45 A.M and 1:00 P.m to 2:00 P.M )

Secured Shred

Have important and personal documents that need to be securely destroyed?

We utilize locked recycle bins to protect your documents until it comes time to securely shred them. (Usually within a week for smaller amounts!) We currently have six shredders that will eat through staples and paperclips, so no worries on removing them before you bring them to us.

If you have large amounts of documents in need of secured shredding and no means of transport. Call us to possibly set up a pick up from our recycle truck.

We offer secure shredding at $0.49/Lbs with a $5.00 Minimum if below 10.29Lbs.

If you would like to watch you secured documents be shredded please call (541) 882-8803 and Jamie will gladly set up an appointment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of secured shred/cardboard, can I schedule a pickup?

Yes, if you would like to schedule a pickup for secured shred or cardboard, please call us at (541) 882-8803 and our Recycling Manager will set a date and time for you.  Currently, we charge .49 cents per lb., and there is a minimum of $5 for shredding services.

Do you have recyle bins with pick ups?

We do have recycle bins with continuous scheduled pickups for local business and organizations currently. The Bins are mostly for white paper, secured shred and cardboard.

We do not have a recycling service with bins for residential use with garbage truck pickups. Please consult Waste management to address your residential recycling needs.

Where do I take my recycle materials?

Please bring all acceptable recyclable materials to our main site located at:

2350 Maywood Dr.

in Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603

Stop by our corporate office and let us know what you have, and we’ll be happy to get it unloaded.

Do you accept glass?

No, we do not accept glass at this time.

Do you accept e-cycle materials (computers, TVs, other electronics, etc...)

No, not at this time. There is a local e-cycler in Klamath Falls that will be able to help you.

Can I recyle books?

Yes, you can recycle books with us. We will put them in our upcycle store for resale, which will give the books a new lease on life, as well as teach our participants retail work skills.  If you like, we can also provide you with a receipt for your donation.  The REACH Upcycle Store is located at: 1613 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, OR  97603.

Note:  Currently The REACH Upcycle Store is closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are planning to reopen it by the summer of 2022.

I heard you guys recyle mattresses and boxsprings?

Yes, in partnership with Klamath Works are able to recycle mattresses and box springs.

Cost:  $7.00 per mattress and $8.00 per box spring

Can I watch my documents be securely shredded?

Yes, upon request you can watch your documents be securely shredded at a pre-scheduled time.


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