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Top 10 Items Pallets can be upcycled into!

In this day and age of items being made to break, having the ability to upcycle or turning old or broken items and things into other products has a huge advantage. You not only feel great about helping the environment but you give those objects a new life instead of being thrown into a garbage pit somewhere to rot.                

This article is about the top 10 items you can make from upcycled pallets. Something we at REACH know a lot about as we are involved in just about every process from start to finish of a pallet’s life cycle.

10.           Wall Boards


Reusing textured and weathered boards from old pallets adds a rustic effect that enhances walls, desk, or any other surface they are applied to.

9.           Flower Boxes


Having flower boxes made from old pallet wood gives a new lease of life to the wood removed from the old and worn out pallets. Turn something that’s was just useful, into something that is useful and beautiful to look at.

8.           Book Shelves


Who doesn’t like having a nice bookshelf for all those books and trinkets you have collect over the years. What about having one made from reclaimed materials from old pallets?

7.           Clocks


In this day and age of digital everything sometime having something analog gives a sense of familiarity mixed with nostalgia for those aching back to the simpler times.  

6.           Birdfeeders


What’s more useful than having a place birds can go and eat? How about one made from reusable materials that lets even the most rustic of wood be used to give back to nature.

5.           Drink Carts


For us making a drink cart started off as a project for a customer.  It then morphed into a highly requested item. Perhaps having the ability to move your drinks around and look stylish has something to do with it.

4.           State Signs


What is better than having pride in your state? How about having an upcycled wooden decor version of your state that you can hang on your wall or place on your desk.

3.           Animal Silhouette


Having a cool art piece hanging on the wall is something most of us like to have. How about an animal silhouette made entirely of reclaimed lumber. Animals can range from Elk to fish.

2.           Tables


One of the most common items we make are custom tables. Tables are some of the most request by our customers and can range from simple to fully customized tables with bear beer openers installed on the sides.

1.           Holiday Decor


Our most popular item we make is holiday décor including Christmas Trees, Star of David’s, and Snowflakes. Turning these old pallets into something festive decor adds years of enjoyment for everyone during the holiday.