Wood Mill

Wood Mill

REACH WoodMill

Our WoodMill was set up in order to support the REACH Mission. With longtime partnerships with Jeld Wen, Columbia Forest Products, and Collins Products we are able to produce pallets, runners, and other wood products for them, employ people in the Klamath Basin, and train our participants job skills for production and safety.

With the goal of one hundred percent utilization of our wood products, REACH has been focusing on the rebuilding of pallets for longer usage, the upcycle of old worn out pallets and turning them into new items and decor, and the use of collected saw dust for hog fuel.

REACH continues to expand our wood product offerings to businesses and the public.



We sell both new standard and custom pallets as well as used standard pallets.


We sell Sawdust for $25 for a pickup truck load



We will sell some lumber (depending on availability) which includes 2″ x  4″ s, OSB, and Spin out slabs

Unusable Core

We sell bunks of broken and unusable core for $50.00 a bunk

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still do Juniper Products?

No, We have not done anything related to Juniper products in 8 years.

Can I buy any of the nice core (Rounds)?

Unfortunately no, we are under contract to not sell any nice core (Rounds) to anyone. We use our core to make the lumber that goes into our pallets, runners, and other wood products.

Do you sell to the general public?

Yes, we will sell our wood products to companies and individuals ranging from single items up to truckloads of wood products.

Will you cut custom peices or my own wood for me?

Depends on what you need to be cut. Please call and gives us the details and we will let you know if we can do it or not.

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